Friday, January 26, 2007

Romantic Standard

The golden shoes ($50) are one of my favorite scores from Tokyo. They came from a shop called Romantic Standard where we went a little crazy. We love that they put them in a plastic bag rather than a big bulky box. The gold and black lacquer necklace ($10) came from a little flea market in Kawasaki. Lastly, the reflective shoes in action, on the heals of super-hot pink tights ($10) which came from a shop in Shibuya-ku. The lesson here is that Tokyo isn't as pricey as people say and pink+gold=CUTENESS!


klover said...

harajuko hotness handroll

Viagra Online said...

well I have to be honest, that look totally horrible, OK call me a ignorant in fashion issues but I don't like that combination, golden shoes and pink dress? no definitely is not my style.

Auto Body Shop said...

Is nice but I wouldn't wear it anyway ..but she looks pretty well..that kind of colorfull clothes doesn't look fine on me haha

pharmacy said...

I love your clothes! where did you buy all these shiny stuff sweety. Excellent article indeed

xlpharmacy said...

Love the combination, plus the shoes are just perfect.

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