Thursday, February 1, 2007

Playa Del Carmen

Even Cuteness Burgers need a break from city life so we packed our bags and headed down to the Mayan Riviera. The boutique hotel in Playa Del Carmen we checked into, Mosquito Beach served as a welcome home base. We especially liked the Bulgari au Thé Vert bath products and hit the super sexy shower at least twice a day. Every morning we would walk 30 yards to the beach club where Carlos, our favorite man in white had lounge chairs with our names on them. The ingenious lounges were of note due to their movable shades to cover one's face while allowing the sun to do it's vitamin-D magic. We drank pina coladas, swam for hours and in the evening went to dine. The hippest eatery was Marisqueria at the Hotel Basico. There are plenty of night clubs in PDC but Cuteness Burger wasn't in the mood for loads of borrachos and wannabe Hooters girls.

We saved cuteness energy for lovelier things. We saw parrot fish the color of macaws whose little fins flapped like liquid butterfly wings on a trip under the sea. Tourism is not lovely however. Out-of-towners are caravaned by the dozens to anything that sounds remotely interesting rendering them over-crowded and unnatural. To be unhindered by peddlers and loud talkers, we recommend setting off on an adventure by getting private transportation to beaches and reefs where you can relax and enjoy the natural surroundings. Cuteness Burger especially loves the sound of the ocean and wind through the palm trees. Oh yes!


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