Friday, April 27, 2007

Voodoo Doughnuts Wedding

the bride and groom

Dearly beloved we were gathered together outside the infamous doughnut shoppe to witness a union between these two Cuteness Burgers. If anyone has reason that they should not live their lives loving and eating donuts together, too late. They already tied the knot. Yeah!!!

Seriously though, this really was a wedding outside Voodoo Doughnuts on SW Third in Portland. We didn't understand why all these cutie pies were just standing around looking so dapper until we met the groom. God bless him for that suit with the giant orchid. So Cute! We never did try a Voodoo Doughnut, but there's always next time.
-Ben & Maria


Dana said...

smaller watermarks ffs

Candid Cool said...

a wedding outside a donut shop
and then
why not?!

Anonymous said...

that's a funny comment about the water marks. like they are trying to give away these photos. derrrr.

Anonymous said...

Best wedding I've ever been to! Dave Allen from Gang of Four was spinning tunes at the reception.

thee cuteness burger said...

First, if you can prove you are in one of our photos we will send you one. Second, Dave Allen is Cuteness Burger Deluxe.

Anonymous said...

Prove it... let's see... the cuteness burger redhead is my daughter and it's my hands that are holding hers. You took her picture first. The groom is my cousin. The dapper gentleman in the blue jacket is my uncle (father of the groom)... I'm sure they'd all love copies of their pics.

thee cuteness burger said...

Dear Anonymous Mother of The Incredible Redheaded Cuteness,

Please email us at


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