Saturday, May 5, 2007

Ace's High

When we visited Portland - the up and comeliest city in America, we stayed at the Ace Hotel. Sadly, we didn't take any photos of our room but it was cool. The window looked out onto the brick building cross the street, reminding us of New York. The glass encased shower stood feet from the bed quietly waiting for the day's private yet voyeuristic yet squeaky clean pleasure.

In fact, the Ace is a study in good design and clever re-uses for everyday objects such as the paint can turned bathroom wastebasket and turtle box turned nightstand. That's not to say that they skipped out on the niceties. Our shower was stocked with stocked with Malin + Goetz products and handmade soap slivers. The bed had a super cool custom Pendleton blanket and tight white linens. There is an alcove above the front desk stocked with business supplies and magazines offering a fetching place to work.

Sunday morning started off right with
Stumptown coffee. They have a cafe attached to the Ace. Many of you will know that the northwest is very, very into their coffee and Stumptown is by far the best cup of joe we have ever tasted. Coffee in hand we rolled back to the big green sectional to read the New York Times in peace while rock stars and hipster parents come down from their rooms to do the same. Arlo Guthrie crooned on the hi-fi. It was perfect.
The Ace is located at 1022 SW Stark Street in the heart of downtown Portland.
-Maria G


Candid Cool said...

some great shots.

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