Monday, May 21, 2007

ZAP! = Zero Air Pollution

Have you spotted one of these cutie zero emission electric cars? At just over 8 feet in length the Xebra Xero and her truck brother the Xebra PK start at a comfortable $12,000. In truth, these aren't for everyone, certainly not the freeway commuter who drives any farther than 40 miles a day. For millions of drivers who go for short trips around town, this could be the answer to high gas prices and eco-guilt.

Based in sunny Sacramento, ZAP has all kinds of alt-energy tricks up their green sleeves. They offer autos, scooters, ATV's and a dirt bike even solar powered ipod chargers. The Xebra line has some options you won't find at Ford or GM such as a solar panel mounted directly to the vehicle to charge the battery. No plug needed! Alex Campbell of ZAP says the technology can actually extend the life of the battery up to 5 years. Another option boosts the power so that climbing hills doesn't use up all of the juice. Xebras come in five fun colors - kiwi green, lipstick red, ocean blue and white, with an optional zebra stripe decal.

If you drive further than the grocery store and back, it is likely that you spend more than $2000 a year on gas alone. It gets harder to calculate how much your car's emissions effect the overall health of the planet. Some lawmakers think that raising gas taxes even higher will lower consumption. Bollocks! Get in now and you can be a trend setter and a do-gooder. Not only that but in a few years your gas money will have bought you a super cute car!


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