Friday, June 29, 2007

Our Girl Kelly


A few weeks back we staged a little photo shoot for our friend, fashion designer Alisha Trimble. (Those photos coming soon...) On hand as models were more friends including Miss Kelly Tunstall. Ben snapped this pic on a lark. It's so cute! Kelly really does look like one of her painted ladies. (See below)

Charmed by Kelly Tunstall

At Sea by Kelly Tunstall

Sweetest Thing by Kelly Tunstall

Under Lock and Key by Kelly Tunstall

These paintings are all from a show still up at the Metier boutique in San Francisco's Union Square where one can also find finery from 3.1 Phillip Lim, See by Chloe, and Mayle - to name a few. Kelly's pieces are priced for every budget.
-Maria G


Candid Cool said...

Beautiful illustrations, I esp. like the long necks

lani said...

yes. gorgeous. and the pic of kelly is fan-f'in-tastic.

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